Gran-Val Scoop Ice Cream Drinks

Ice Cream Drinks

Not in the mood for a cone? Want something delicious to wash down your sandwich? Our milkshakes, floats & sodas are just what you’re looking for!



Our regular shake has three scoops & our thick shake has four scoops of our premium ice cream, blended with whole milk & vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee syrup. Can be made with any of our flavors!



Any of our delicious flavors of ice cream drowned in premium A.J. Steven’s soda. Go traditional with root beer & vanilla or a little more unusual with raspberry lime rickey & black raspberry. The possibilities are endless! Great paired with one of our steamed hot dogs!


Ice Cream Sodas

Choose any of our ice cream flavors which we add to a mixture of real cream, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or coffee syrup & soda water. Then it’s topped off with real whipped cream & a cherry! The perfect old fashioned treat for a hot summer day!



Frozen coffee

Starbucks iced coffee & milk blended to creamy perfection with our coffee ice cream then topped with whipped cream & a drizzle of chocolate or caramel.



lemonade cooler

Premium cane sugar lemonade from A.J. Stephan’s blended smooth with our creamy vanilla ice cream. Truly refreshing!