Classic Flavors

classic flavors

You can count on us always having your favorite classic available for you when you visit! All 21 of our Scoop Classic flavors are sure to please!

(Allergy Key listed below)



Made with the highest quality pure bourbon vanilla extract. Our most popular flavor!



Rich and delicious made with top quality Forbes chocolate.


Almond butter crunch

Creamy butterscotch ice cream with crunchy almond butter brittle candy. (T,S)


Almond Joy

Coconut ice cream mixed with chopped almonds and delicious chocolate flakes. (T,S)


Black Raspberry

Smooth & creamy, made with black raspberry puree for real black raspberry taste.


Brownie Dough

Our chocolate ice cream mixed with a combination of frozen chunks of brownie dough and flakes of premium white chocolate (T,S,W)


Bunny Hops

Fudge ripple ice cream mixed with mini peanut butter cups (P,T,S)


Cherry Vanilla

Flavorful vanilla ice cream with real black cherry halves stirred throughout


Chocolate Chip

Our vanilla ice cream with premium chocolate flakes throughout (S)



Super creamy, made with double strength pure coffee extract


Cookie dough

Cookie dough flavored ice cream mixed with pieces of frozen cookie dough and premium chocolate flakes (S,W)


M & M

Vanilla ice cream with real M&M candies mixed in-a favorite of little ones! (P,S)


Maple Walnut

Maple Ice cream made with local pure maple syrup and ample chopped walnuts (T)


Mint Chocolate Chip

Refreshing, creamy WHITE mint ice cream with chocolate flakes-no green dye here! (S)


Mocha Chip

A delicious blend of our coffee and chocolate ice creams mixed with chocolate flakes (S)



Our delicious vanilla ice cream with real Oreo cookie chunks stirred in (S,W)


Peanut Butter Cup

Vanilla Ice cream with tons of chopped, real Reese’s peanut butter cups (P,S)


Peppermint Stick

Mint ice cream mixed with red & green peppermint candies. Christmas all year long! (S)



Pistachio flavored ice cream with premium real pistachio nuts-No green dye here either! (P,T)


Rum Raisin

Rum flavored ice cream with raisins throughout!




Chunky & delicious strawberry flavor from real strawberries


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Allergy Key: 

P-contains peanuts, E-contains egg products, T-contains tree nuts, 

S-contains soy products, W-contains wheat products.

All of our ice cream, frozen yogurt & sugar-free ice cream contains dairy products. The only dairy-free option available is sorbet. Please note that while a particular flavor may not contain an allergen, all of our flavors are manufactured in the same facility.